Who have we worked for?

A vast list of clientele definitely speaks volume of the efficient campaign work of an advertising agency. However, we at NeoRanking take on a different route. We are not caught up with chasing our clients for testimonials or plastering their company logos on our site. While it certainly will make our credibility impressive, however, we humbly digress from it. It is not in our character and we believe that it is not fitting to bank on our clients’ views about our services to get us ahead in the competitive industry of digital advertising.

We are not a big shot in the industry. In fact, we consider ourselves as a boutique agency – managing just a chosen few. This is what sets us apart from the next-door agency. We never give much importance in managing a huge number of customers. Our clients know that they are part of a bunch of few who have been given a special treatment and provided with a unique approach in getting their business noticed in the web using the latest in search, display and mobile advertising. We adhere to our assurance of working solely for one client per industry per country.

What we value even more is the trusting relationship that we have forged with our clientele. Most of our clients are not very keen on having their logos displayed on our marketing collaterals. And they truly appreciate our gesture of incorporating the exclusivity and confidentiality clauses in our working contract. This means that they are in safe hands and that we will never publicly make known who our clients are without their approval.

This is the exact same treatment that you can expect from us once we work together. It is purely advancing your interests with a digital advertising strategy that is unique to your business and will put you out into the digital space. Mind you, we do not just stop at getting you displayed because we will stop at nothing to get you elevated.

Big brand logos and testimonials displayed on our site can get dated and cannot be verified. However, we can always make arrangements for you to talk with our existing clients, if you wish to do so. This way you can get a personal account of the work that we have done direct from the very people we have worked with and how it has helped them unlock and reach their business potentials.

If you are interested on how we can help your company get ranked and noticed in the Internet’s top search engines, we would be glad to discuss our proposal with you in getting your business ahead with an effective digital advertising strategy. We would be happy to welcome you as part of our clientele base.