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What better place to get closer and stay connected with your existing and potential customers than in a digital space where literally over a billion people are hanging out (1.19 billion monthly users as of 30 September 2013). Facebook has certainly grown from being a site limited to Ivy League students in 2004 to a colossal social networking site. Practically everyone you may know has an active Facebook profile – from a young 13-year old little boy to a 65-year old grandmother. If you are a business owner, Facebook is a great avenue to put your brand out there.


Among its more than 727 million daily active users on average in September 2013, approximately 80% are outside the U.S and Canada. Two countries in Asia are included in its top 5 countries with the most Facebook users, with 62.6 million members from India and 51.4 million users in Indonesia.





Typically an individual spends an average of 15 minutes per hour on social networking sites, with Facebook as the favourite. With users spending this amount of time on this platform mindlessly scrolling down their News Feed and Timeline, it is a wasted opportunity not to grab hold of their attention and entice them.

Facebook Advertising Works For You

This PPC platform (not the same as your Facebook Page) can help you generate brand awareness among your target market and directly touch base with your customers and encourage interaction from as low as $0.06 per click. This is an excellent opportunity for you to solicit feedbacks, reviews and ideas, which are certainly important in improving your products and services.


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We Target Market That Matters To You.

Facebook advertising is huge but, the immensity of it all could also drown you out. This is where our strength lies in helping you capture the appropriate demographics.

We Make “Likes” To Happen With Relevant Content.

Our Facebook Advertising campaign is based on a defined strategy that will drive demand generation and sales conversion for your business. We engage your existing and prospect customers with relevant contents, shared articles, enticing images that will garner “Likes” without resorting to spamming. We will help you provide them timely updates and information on new products, events and activities that your company might initiate.

If you want to integrate Facebook Advertising in your online marketing campaign (SEO Services, PPC Adwords & Mobile Advertising), do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be glad to provide insights on how this social platform can make your marketing more relatable and human.


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