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Don’t Ignore Mobile Advertising, Reach Over 700 million Smartphone Users in Asia-Pacific

Mobile devices have become a huge part of our daily lives. We are now in an era of notebooks, tablets, smartphones and phablets. Our everyday lives have been ruled over by these electronic gadgets that has made the world smaller and more reachable. No longer are we limited to simply just talking or texting over our mobile phones. We pay our bills, read our daily news fix, get the latest information, and look for countless products and purchasing them using our advanced mobile gadgets.

If we speak of numbers, a 2013 research data conducted by eMarketer in collaboration with Starcom MediaViast Com showed that an approximate 738 million people in Asia-Pacific are smartphone users. This is expected to surge in the next couple of years, as three-fourths of recent mobile phone acquirers are switching to smartphones over the traditional mobile phones.

We cannot emphasize it more, that even without this number, you can see that practically everyone is using at least one or two mobile devices by just mere observation alone. And among these throng of people doing seemingly unending tasks on their mobile devices are your potential market.

The Future is Mobile Advertising

In a study conducted by Neustar Localeze, 61% of users are using their smartphones in making their local searches. We believe that going mobile is the future in putting your business out and more reachable to your potential customers. We see that the best way of catching your clients who are on-the-go is by keeping up with them and making your business more available and up front in their mobile devices.

Mobile advertising is the future in digital and internet marketing. But, we know that lot of businesses are afraid to delve into this new realm of digital advertising. Mobile advertising can be confusing and expensive, if not utilized properly. Apart from that, even more are businesses do not know where to start with this form of marketing. It is a shame because a huge chunk of the market are constantly glued on to their mobile devices, and not considering exploring this area of marketing is a waste of opportunity waiting to be explored.

Mobile advertising is one of the best avenues in making your business more visible and very accessible to your target demographics. It puts you out there right front and center with your customers who are on the go and who want to get what they want and need now.

What Is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile advertising is an approach in internet marketing where products and services are communication to your consumers with the use of mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets, laptops and phablets. It can be done through simple short message service or SMS, multimedia message service or MMS, mobile web banner ads, mobile videos and mobile applications.

Our 2-Fold Approach

Our mobile advertising campaign is anchored on a solid 2-fold approach that will allow your business to touch base with your mobile consumers and turn it into profit.

We Make Your Site Responsive and Mobile-friendly

We start off by creating a responsive and mobile-friendly website for your business. This is where we kick-start our mobile advertising strategy, as a lot of business sites are not yet mobile ready. But, we do not just turn add an additional mobile site but we will leverage on responsive design. The great thing about a responsive design site is that you can keep your own domain name without the need to create a new one. This means that your organic ranking will not be affected. Aside from that, your responsive design site will automatically adjust according to the screen size of your potential customers.  It optimizes your site whether it be a small screen smartphone or the bigger screen of a tablet.

We Target Your Mobile Audience

Once we have set-up a responsive design site, we help bring your business closer to a wider audience by placing interactive ads that would ensure conversion of profit or a create an inquiry lead, at the very least. These ads will be strategically placed in mobile sites that cater to your business niche, as well as in mobile apps, to target your customers. Research have shown that smartphone and tablet users are open to ads popping up on their apps as long as it does not disrupt its function. We are confident that this will be an excellent move for your business considering consumers are using and downloading millions of apps everyday.

A Growing Trend

Mobile advertising is undeniably a growing trend. While it is still considerably a new medium in Asia Pacific, we are confident in its vast potential in reaching a far bigger and wider scope of market for your business.

If you want to explore the promise of mobile advertising that awaits for your company, our mobile advertising consultants will be more than willing to discuss with how this innovative advertising approach can help your business soar to greater heights.

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