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We understand that starting an internet advertising campaign is a challenging and intimidating task. Aside from all the technical jargons, the ever-changing Adwords features makes it even harder for business owners to juggle operating a growing business and handling daunting PPC advertising campaigns, all at the same time. It is hard to keep up and can be downright exhausting.

This is where our strength lies, knowing that we can transform your business with a well-planned & executed online advertising campaign. If you are not garnering enough sales, not generating enough leads, we will make it simple for you and bring about focus with a Proven & Tested PPC strategy that addresses these challenges.

Google Adwords PPC Singapore

Here’s PPC Simplified.

Pay-Per-Click or PPC is a sponsored or paid search placement. Even simpler is that it is an online advertising system where advertisers ca

n bid for placements that will appear alongside or above search engine results for a range of keywords. You only pay for the ad placement for every click to your site. If it does not get clicked, you get a sort of free adverting without spending a single dime for the display. What is also great about PPC is that you can also optimize your ads towards your target market locally or any geographical market you have in mind.

What’s the advertising rate for PPC?

The advertising rate you pay will vary and it’s very dependent on the total number of the competition bidding for the same keyword as you. There are also mechanism in placed to ensure advertisers that are able to better offer what the searchers want will pay a lower rate.

The baseline cost per click can start from $0.10 to as high as $100 per click.

What’s our PPC Adwords Approach?


Know Your PPC Goals

Every business exists to solve a problem. And we want to know your business thoroughly. This involves learning about your products or services and the profile of the current clients.  What we also want to identify during this phase is your business objective or the most desired outcome.

PPC Keyword Research

Everyone is searching for something on Search Engines today with Google having the largest market share in most countries. And behind every Search is an intention. Leveraging on our research tool we will start to match those search queries also known as keywords to your business or the problems that your business solves. We will then put emphasis and dominate search results for a keyword category that is in line with your business and industry.

PPC Landing Page

Every keyword search conducted on the search engine is unique and we want to be able to address the concerns of the searchers through the development of a mobile friendly landing page. A landing page is dedicated page created outside of your main site with the sole intention of triggering a response from the searcher, be it a sale or an enquiry. The objective of such a page is to provide our searcher with an almost personalized experience of addressing their problems and providing them with a solution at the same time.

Relentless Optimization through Tracking & Testing

The best thing about Adwords and most PPC platforms is that it eliminates the stress of figuring out whether your advertising campaign has produced positive results for your business. Remember, with PPC, you only pay with every click to your site. These are then easily tracked and monitored to identify which keywords have generated into conversions such as enquiries or purchases. And to take tracking to the next level, we are able to track phone calls driven from your Adwords campaigns too!

Honest & Easy to Understand Reports

We keep ourselves accountable to your business via our reports. They are customized and we do spend time studying our own reports to look for improvements and also boost up on what’s been working well. The market is constantly evolving and these reports can provide your business with great market intelligence that are happening in your business on the digital front.

3 Reasons why should you work with us?

1. Track Record. Our experience in managing  $1 million worth of paid search campaigns across multiple platforms in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and even the United States of America speaks volume of what we have been accomplishing for our clients. The following screenshots are some of the active accounts under our management:

PPC Management Services - Actual Campaign Data 1

PPC Management Services - Actual Campaign Data 2

PPC Management Services - Actual Campaign Data 3

PPC Management Services - Actual Campaign Data 4

2. Transparency. Our PPC management fee is fixed and transparent with absolutely no hidden cost. It does not vary according to your media spent. In fact, it’s simply counter-productive to be charged based on a percentage of your ads spent. It merely incentive a vendor to focus only on the amount of advertising spent instead of your business objectives, i.e. increased sales, lead and demand generation.

3.  Tactical. PPC is an extremely competitive platform and we want to protect our client’s interest. We do not and will not work for your competition. We work exclusively only with one client per industry per country. In addition, we will only launch and manage Adwords accounts held by your business. You will never be caught in a situation where you are held hostage by us.

If the concept of PPC Advertising is a new to you, feel free to get in touch with us. We would be happy to discuss with you the many great facets of PPC and how it can help bring about immense changes for your business in terms of reaching your market and converting attention to profitable gains.

Call us today at 6252 7411, add +65 in front if you are calling outside of Singapore or complete a quick enquiry form on the right for us to get in touch with you at a date and time most convenient to you.


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PPC Management Packages & Prices


For Businesses in Singapore

We can optimize your existing PPC adwords account, or set up a brand new account. Our PPC Management Packages and Prices are adaptable depending on the size and the scope of work you want us to handle.

  1. Up to 10 Well-Researched Keywords Targeting
  2. Unlimited Ads with Testing
  3. Sales, Leads & Phone Conversion Tracking
  4. Up to 3 responsive Landing Page Creation
  5. Google Analytics Integration
  6. Monthly Reporting
  1. Up to 30 Well-Researched Keywords Targeting
  2. Unlimited Ads with Testing
  3. Sales, Leads & Phone Conversion Tracking
  4. Up to 10 responsive Landing Page Creation
  5. Google Analytics Integration
  6. Monthly Reporting
  1. Unlimited Well-Researched Keywords Targeting
  2. Unlimited Ads with Testing
  3. Sales, Leads & Phone Conversion Tracking
  4. Up to 15 responsive Landing Page Creation
  5. Google Analytics Integration
  6. Monthly Reporting

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